INOVATAS, JSC established as Spin-off Company of Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies (CHET) at Lithuanian Energy Institute. Our main goal is to commercialize developed technologies at CHET by licensing or establishing production of patented materials or equipment.

We also jointly involved in research projects which aims to satisfy the increasing requirements for high technology coating materials with improved performance characteristics in various types of environments. The scope includes thin and thick coatings to alter the mechanical, chemical and optical properties of materials. Mechanical properties include friction, wear and hardness; chemical properties include adsorption, corrosion and oxidation. Emphasis is placed on the emerging application of coating materials for hydrogen storage, production and electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells.

The advanced processes such as magnetron sputter deposition, activated reactive evaporation, ions plating and plasma immersion ion implantation are employed to obtain needed composition, microstructure, adhesion and internal stresses corresponding to the specific applications. The recent projects are related to the fabrication of nanostructure materials employing physical vapor deposition technologies.

Of emphasis are the emerging advanced processes as ion beam assisted deposition, plasma enhanced low-temperature synthesis and the modification of near-surface properties of metals and alloys under high-flux, low-energy ions (nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen) irradiation at moderate temperature, so called processes of nitriding, oxidation and hydrogenation.